Stock Footage

Stock footage are short video clips of moving images that can be used for a video production. These video clips are already recorded and edited that help in saving the time required for capturing and editing the shots. These clips have number of uses such as documentaries, movies, sports reviews, commercials, television programs, news items and independent films.

Sports footage have frequent use in making sports documentaries. Sports such as cricket, soccer, tennis, F1, boxing or other popular ones have always dominated the media and advertising companies. There are a number of companies that provide a variety of sports footage from all over the world. Working on a sports documentary can be highly expensive as you need to have the right settings such as a stadium, an arena or a race track. You can find a variety of sports clips at stock footage websites. These clips are provided by these websites for reasonable prices.

Sports stock footage are very popular among the advertising companies, sports reviewer and TV advertisement producers. A number of production houses make use of these clips in order to enhance their production value. The quality of the stock footage is in high-definition. Some of these clips are also available in high resolution. Also, these video clips are generic and therefore can be used in more than one production.

Another major advantage of using sports stock footage is that it helps you to cut down on the time and budget. Going to a place and shooting the desired footage will cost much more and will take a lot of time. Most of the people prefer making use of the licensed video clips than shooting the videos by themselves which needs a large production resource. Also, sometimes it is very difficult to capture a sports event, especially if they are held in locations that are out of your reach.

There are a number of online shopping portals that specialize in stock footage and HD sports stock footage. You can visit website ( to look for a wide range of stock footage on various topics such as sports, wildlife, war, disaster, history and many more.

Stock Footage such as soccer